— Sustainable Forest Management —
sustainability program

DAN believes the world is constantly renewing itself, and that architecture has the ability to offer creative alternatives for all new forms of human relations that are being reinvented everyday, transforming the environment in which we live.

With the Sustainable Forest Management program, the DAN manages the forest to obtain economic, social and environmental benefits, respecting the support mechanisms of management of object ecosystem, and considering, cumulative or alternatively, the use of multiple species of vegetation , products and by products, as well as the use of other forest goods and services.

The DAN Sustainable Forest Management program takes place in the Great ABC region and has the mission to rescue the family of deprived areas through education and knowledge transfer, people living in watershed areas and they do not know the value of vegetation evolving in his own residence.

DAN Architecture and Urbanism draws dreams and so builds cities focused on social and cultural, technical and environmental, economic and political.

Model that allows the rational exploitation with minimal environmental impact techniques on the elements of nature.

The managed forest will continue to provide wealth for generations as wood, and some others renewable resources.

Prioritize forest “standing” Ensuring the economic survival of forestry..

Enable the natives of live on forest resources, preventing the overthrow and helping to preserve.



To register just be legal or physical person and have over 18 years. Applicants must access the program ECO DAN. Registration is free.