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* This Privacy Policy and Terms of Service aims to maintain the highest standards of integrity for the online visitor webesite, that henceforth we will call the user.

* By accessing the user accepts, without limitation or qualification, the terms of conditions of this Policy and Terms of Service.

* In respect to user privacy in the Internet world, scheduled on this website necessary measures to preserve users’ personal information that may provide us, in compliance with applicable law.

* However DAN architecture may collect personal information voluntarily provided by visitors, such as e-mail addresses, names and addresses including data, questions, comments, suggestions and the like, getting the user aware that this information will be treated as non-confidential and not protected property rights.

* The user authorizes and agrees that all information voluntarily provided transmitted or sent by him can be used by DAN architecture for any purpose, limiting playback, display, transmission, publication and mail.

* And web beacons, which are? In a simplified way, it is images, usually in formato.gif, used for the hit count to the website. Ie DAN architecture makes use of such a mechanism in order to account for the access to that website and also when sending newsletters and other messages sent by email to the registered user in order to count the number of subscribers who read electronic mail forwarded. This procedure is done solely for the development of statistical data on activities and functions which are seen as higher user interest.

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