Global Vision


abstract linear sketch of multi-storey building


— Freedom & Creation —


DAN Architecture and Urbanism has become a benchmark for the difference of their projects, are all developed exclusively for each client style. The designs are created from the main idea, but in order to meet the expectation of the final consumer, all based on contemporary resources and a key touch of sustainable architecture.

Our mission is always to do with the new vision of daring creativity with the industry standards buildings. The company’s goal is to be a national and international reference in the field of architecture and design adding economic, social and environmental values.

The philosophy of the brand is structuralist and have a social commitment, we understand the world differently, meeting the needs of an entire society. Our team thinks, looks and feels differently, so the quality of our projects are a reflection of this high-end group with skilled and sensitive to develop residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and environmental products under the command of the founding partners.

DAN has grown its number of employees increased, the company currently meets the most diverse projects within the real estate, urban, logistics, institutional and environmental. While preserving the quality and the differential between the works, the company brings its own ideology, where each creation is performed with dedication.